Tanning Salons ? Get The Truth!

Tanning salons first started popping up in the 80s. Those who could not afford to go on vacation in sunny climates found that they too could have that right off the beach look with just a few sessions a week in a tanning bed. They no longer had to wait for the summer months to get that golden skin they still loved.

One of the benefits of tanning indoors is the exposure is more controlled. Most people tend to spend too much time in the sun when tanning outdoors therefore burning their skin. If your skin does not tan in the natural sun it most likely will not tan in a tanning bed. Everyone’s skin is different therefore the exposure time should be based on your skin type. People with dark skin will tan faster than someone with light skin. It can take three to ten days of short sessions in a tanning bed to develop a tan. Once you have achieved a base tan you will only need to tan 2 to 3 times per week to hold your color. Using tanning accelerators designed for tanning beds will help you achieve a tan faster and also keep your skin from drying out. Healthy skin tans better than dry skin.

You should always follow the recommended tanning exposure at the salon you are visiting. Avoid burning and be patient. Recommended exposure schedules are based on brand-new equipment with brand-new lamps. Lamp life does degrade quickly so the schedules are not truly accurate. The salon you choose will be able to help you with your schedule depending on whether the beds have new lamps. Always wear protective eyewear that is FDA approved for tanning beds. These will be available at most salons.

Tanning lamps have both UVA and UVB rays. In order to achieve a tan you need both. The UVB gets the tanning process going and the UVA darkens the skin. It is important to know that it does take a few sessions before you will see results.

Tanning equipment comes in either low pressure or high pressure. Low pressure tanning equipment has both UVA and UVB normally 2 to 3 times as intense as the sun. That is why you can achieve a tan in shorter sessions in a bed and a natural sun. High pressure equipment has large doses of UVA rays and only a fraction of UVB. If you are pregnant first consult your physician before tanning. The ultraviolet light from a tanning unit does not penetrate beyond the skin but there are other factors to take into consideration. The heat will be the major concern. Pregnant women have been advised to use caution with hot tubs, saunas and the hot summer sun. Another problem is that it may be difficult to get in and out of a bed.

Those of you who are taking medication should check with your physician or pharmacist to find out if the medication is sun sensitive. Some medications clearly state that you should stay out of the sun while taking it. Your skin could burn much faster while using these drugs. I would like to touch on white spots that may occur while tanning. These white spots are commonly known as sunspots but they are actually a fungus. This fungus starts out in hair and flakes onto the upper body like dandruff. You won’t notice these until you start tanning. This might sound very unpleasant but it is not hygiene related. Applying extra strength Selson Blue shampoo directly on the spots and also shampooing your hair will clear the spots in about 2 to 4 weeks. There are two other types of white spots. One would be pressure points on shoulder blades, tailbone and the back of the. Raising those areas periodically during the tanning session will generally elevate these. Stripes are another type of white spot. Repositioning the body during a tanning session will limit stripes. Each time you lay in the bed your body will be in slightly different position therefore putting the lamp in a slightly different area on your body. The stripes will go away after a few sessions.

If you wear contact lenses be sure to use eye drops before and after your tanning session. This will help prevent your eyes from becoming dry. Tanning prior to a vacation in the sun will help fight sunburn. However sunscreen should be used since you’ll probably be spending long periods of time in the hot sun. One thing you never want to do is tan indoors and outdoors in the same day. Once you tan indoors that is all the UV rays your body should have been Monday. You will greatly risk burning your skin when double dosing.

Tanning is the body’s natural protection against sunburn. Remember the golden rule of Smart tanning is don’t ever sunburn. Tan in moderation. If you’re in our area you can check out our Grand Forks tanning salon by visiting our salon at the following address: East Side Beach, 2100 South Columbia Road, Grand Forks, ND 58201.