Hair Salons Detroit – A New Me

Hair Salons Detroit – A new me

You always hear about the hair salon horror stories, but really ladies, there are some really great stylists out there. It’s just a matter of finding the right one. I found the right one for me at a hair salon in Detroit.

Here’s my story.

I met a girlfriend for coffee one day.  In the weeks leading up to this, she had been having trouble with her hair literally breaking in her hands and the color just wasn’t lasting.  She is a beautiful girl, but this day, she walked in commanding the room and looking absolutely radiant.  Quite often, when a woman is glowing, there’s a man involved.  The man who deserved the credit in this case was her new stylist, we’ll call him Scott.

Scott had read her hair just perfectly.  He didn’t just work to cover up someone else’s mistake, rather, he  identified the root of her problems and put together a short and long term plan to get her hair healthy and looking great again.  She shared with me her visit to his salon and Scott’s amazing training and experience.  Before we left the restaurant, I had my appointment booked.

I am a simple girl with a very simple cut:  Long blonde hair with bangs.  This style has been with me for years;  Okay, decades.  I have had a few different stylists at various well-known hair salons in Detroit.  Each hair salon was cool and trendy and each stylist had a great personality and years of experience.  I really liked them all, yet, I had never left the hair salon feeling lighter, fresher or more beautiful.

Isn’t that the point of trusting yourself and your hair to the professionals?  I was prepared to get the trademark locks cutoff and surrender myself to “Scott.”

My appointment arrived.  The receptionist greeted me with a smock and fresh lemon water.  Scott played with my hair while he learned a little about me.  I told him about my historical style and that I was ready for him to change my tendrils, even cut them all off. He just smiled and put me at ease.

A cute boy-toy shampooed and gave me the most amazing head and shoulder massage.  On its own, I would have paid for this luxury.  Awesome music jammed on the speakers and Fashion Week was on the huge flat screens around the salon.  I felt like I had been welcomed into a trendy VIP New York nightclub.

But, none of this compared to my time with Scott. He pulled out his razors, which albeit scared me, and in literally just a few minutes, I was a new person.  My hair was still long with bangs, yet I looked completely different.  The angles he added around my face framed my jaw line perfectly.  The bangs were the perfect length, shape and thickness.  Even with my hair still wet, my face and eyes looked brighter.

I walked out of that hair salon with a confidence and energy that lasted for months.
Now, I did have to pay a little more than I was accustomed to, but Scott’s talents and the way I feel every time I get out of his chair totally support and justify the cost.

When you have an experience such as this, the energy you walk away with lasts for weeks.  There’s nothing better than feeling good about yourself…except for the stream of compliments about how great you look.  But it’s true:  That great confidence flows through you to everything you do at work, home and out on the town.  Find the right stylist for you.

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